How to Change Your Benz Daylight Color to Blue by DTS Monaco

Here is mini post on how to use DTS Monaco to change daylight color to blue for your Mercedes Benz.Please try it at your own risk!More about DTS Monaco projects,please check it here:Benz DTS Monaco cases.




Benz DTS Monaco Software Free Download

How to Install Mercedes Benz DTS Monaco Software



ECU: HLL_222

This blue light is ambient light in the front lamp, light up for 2s before turning to white, use HLI 222. CBF for W205

Search coding as below

Fahrzeugdatensatz LUC Entwickler write

1: PLUC HLI CH1 NSI blau b on (this should be the channal 1 for the LED control)

2: PLUC NSI blau HLI CH1 intens pc 100(this should be the power control for the LED)

3: PLUCt NSI blau AUS_S2.000000(timmer)

PLUCt NSI blau EIN S 2.000000

PLUC t NSI blau DAUER S 2.500000PLUC t NSI blau DELAY S 0.400000

by the way, you

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