How to Fit the Latest Sleeves for Perkins TV8.540 Engine

There has been gas leakage at the exhaust manifold and at the sleeves between the elbows of the exhaust manifold and the support manifold. This has occurred on some engines fitted to certain combine harvesters.


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The leakage at the exhaust manifolds has been due to loose manifold fasteners. A new sleeve assembly (A) has been introduced to correct gas leakage at the sleeves of the exhaust manifold. The latest sleeves fitted to the inlets of the support manifolds have four sealing rings (A1). These rings are fitted in groups of two at each end of the sleeves.


The latest sleeve is available as an assembly (sleeve and rings), part number 2673752, or single rings are available, part number 26730000. A sleeve without rings is not available.



How to fit the latest sleeves

1 Remove the turbocharger, the support manifold (B8), the elbows (B4) and the exhaust manifolds (B1).

If the engine has been run, it will be necessary to increase the diameter of the setscrew holes in the flanges of the exhaust manifolds to 13,0 mm (0.5 in).

This will allow for previous distortion due to expansion.

2 Remove the sleeve (B5) from each elbow and clean the recess in the elbow until clean metal can be seen.

Also clean the recess in the support manifold.

3 Remove and discard the sleeve (B2) and the separate sealing ring (B3) fitted between the exhaust manifold and the elbow.


4 Fit the exhaust manifolds to the cylinder heads together with new gaskets. Apply Loctite 242 to the threads of the setscrews, but do not tighten fully the setscrews.

Note: Ensure that the correct spacers are fitted with the setscrews and that spring washers are not fitted.

5 Put a 3,0 mm (0.12 in) thick plain washer (B7), part number 0920006, onto each stud of the support manifold and fit the manifold onto its bracket (B6).

6 Fit the spring washers and tighten the nuts finger tight. The plain washers are fitted to allow for the expansion of the manifold.

7 Ensure that the gap in each ring of the latest sleeves are 180° apart, and fit carefully the sleeves

into each end of the support manifold. Ensure that the rings are not broken.

8 Fit new sealing rings and sleeves into the flange end of the elbows and fit loosely the elbows to the exhaust manifolds.

9 Fully tighten the nuts for the support manifold to 18 Nm (13.5 lbf ft) 1,8 kgf m.

10 Fully tighten the setscrews for the elbows to 30 Nm (22 lbf ft) 3,0 kgf m. Fully tighten the setscrews for the exhaust manifolds to 30 Nm (22 lbf ft) 3,0 kgf m.

11 Fit the turbocharger.

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