How to enable BMW F-series Dazzle LEDs

In this article I will share the way how to remove dazzle decoding and recode the ECUs to enable dazzle LEDs.

BMW Coding for Rolling window up with remote key-18

Note:Because the pictures in this guide are so large that you can’t see it all in this site.I put the text and pictures guide in the PDF, you can download it to see  more detail.

Dazzle LEDs PDF Gudie Download

BMW Coding/Flashing/Progrmming PDF+Video Guide

Tools you need to coding:

1.Laptop installed E-sys Software

2.Coding Hardware BMW ENET

Easy guide on how to enable dazzle LEDs:

Step 1: Open ESYS, Make proper connection and open Expert Mode; Coding Tab.

Step 2: Read vehicle oder(FA),then save the file to your desktop,as we will make changes and then write those changes to the vehicle, so that they are permanent.

Step  3:Expand  the  FA  tree,  until  you  get  to  SALAPA-­‐element.

Step 4 :Right-­‐Click  on  SALAPA-­‐element  and  click  the  Edit  option.

Step 5:Make  your  desired  changes  in  the  box  below  the  FA-­‐tree  and  then  click  the  apply  changes


Step  6: Go  back  to  the  FA-­‐tree,  right-­‐click  on  FA,  then  select  calculate  FP

Step  7:Press  the  diskette  button  at  the  top  of  the  screen  to  save  your  changes  to  the  file  on  your



Step  8:Under  Expert  Coding,  select  VCM  …  Then  in  the  bottom  section,  press  the  …  button  and

locate  the  file  you  saved  earlier  on  your  desktop

Step  9:Once  the  file  is  loaded,  Under  the  Vehicle  Order  section,  right-­‐click  FA  and  select  calculate FP.

Step  10:Once  FP  is  calculated  …  press  the  master  tab  at  the  bottom  of  the  screen, and  select  the Write  FA  &  FP  button  …  look  at  the  very  bottom  of  the  screen  for  confirmation  of  FA  &  FP  written

Step  11:Return  to  Expert  Mode;  Coding  …  then  press  Read  ECU  under  the  SVT  section

Step  12:Find  the  applicable  ECU(s)  that  need  to  be  VO_Coded,  and  right-­‐click  on  that  ECU  (as shown  below)  and  click  “Code”

Repeat  Step  12  for  any  remaining  ECUs  that  need  to  be  VO_Coded.The  most  popular  VO_Coding  changes  require  coding  to  the  following  ECUs

Dazzle  LEDs:   FEM_BODY  &  KAFAS2  ….  Or   FEM_BODY  &  FLA3

Satellite  Radio  /  Enhanced  Bluetooth:  HU_NBT  …  or  HU_ENTRY  &  CMB_MEDIA

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