How to Disable DPF for BOSCH EDC17C81 EDC17C53 EDC17C63

In the electronic control system of diesel vehicles, there is a protection mechanism for the DPF filter system. When the ECU computer detects that the efficiency of the DPF has decreased or is abnormal, it will issue an instruction to limit the torque output of the engine.


In layman’s terms, it means that you can’t refuel, you can’t run, and you can only run 80 yards at most. . . And it will report fault code P2463


Here show you guide on how to disable DPF for BOSCH EDC17C81 EDC17C53 EDC17C63 by manual.More DPF disable topics,please refer to:DPF Clean/Disabled



Step 1:Read out ECU Data

Use ECU Read/Write programmer to read out ECU data,like KTAG,Dimsport,PCMflash…

Notice:your device need checksum function,otherwise it can not work well.


Here take PCMflash as example

According to the diagram wires to build connection


Run PCMflash to read out ECU data

For DPF disable,only need read out Flash data to save,no need EEPROM

But in case of damaged,both ECU files backup recommeneded



Step 2:Modify Flash file

Use Hexworkshop software to open Flash file read out from ECU

Then search “8813000088”


Find below digits “00 00 01 00 88 13 00 00 88”


Now change it to “00 00 00 00 88 13 00 00 88”


If you can not find “00 00 01 00 88 13 00 00 88”,please search “2C01080001”


Now change “2C01080001” to “2C01080000”



Step 3:Write Modified Flash File back to ECU

Use ECU programmer write the modified Flash file back to ECU


Finally,install ECU to cars to test.

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