Nissan Maxima 2012 93C66 Mileage Corrected by iPROG

This instruction show you guide on how to use iProg programmer to do mileage correction for Nissan Maxima 2012 93C66.More topics for mileage please refer to:Odometer Adjustment



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Run DashBook Pro 6.4 to find 93C66 chip


Remove your car dashboard,and remove PCB

Then use adapter to connect iProg programmer to 93C66 directly (no need remove it)

Nissan-Maxima-2012-93C66-Mileage-Corrected-by-iPROG-2 Nissan-Maxima-2012-93C66-Mileage-Corrected-by-iPROG-3


Then run iProg software,load 93C66 dashboard file,then click “READ”


Input new value you want 105955 miles,then click “WRITE”


After finish,please click “READ” again to check if new value was wrote in 93C66 chip.

Finally,install PCB and dashboard back to your car.

More topics for iProg,please refer to:iProg test feedback

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