How to Adjust an Intelligent Headlight for Mercedes Benz E500

The new Benz E-Class is a signing even at night, the xenon headlight automatically adapt to weather driving at night condition. The intelligent light system makes it possible to steer the low beam at night; the headlight, however, regularly check and if necessary adjusted. This instruction will show you guide on how to adjust an intelligent headlight on Mercedes Benz E500 W212.


Before you begin with the headlight adjustment, there are a few things you need to consider. The vehicle must be on a level ground otherwise the adjustment would be incorrect. Also make sure the fuel tank is full; otherwise, adjustment must uses addition weight.

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Setting all tires pressure to its MB specification.


Then gives a vehicle with the general check, make sure there is no additional weight in the vehicle. These would lead to an incorrect headlight adjustment.

On the vehicle identification plate, you would find the information of headlight adjustment angle range of 1.0%. make a note of this value because later you will need this number to enter in the headlight aimer.


Next get the headlight aimer, as you know with the line in the mirror look for two reference points to align the unit front of the vehicle.

Set the unit at the correct high, the arrow in the housing helps to line the sensor of the headlight, the distance from the headlight must be 10cm-30cm


Sit in the driver seat, by the electronic control our vehicle equips with the air matic system.


If vehicle without an air matic, there are a few more steps preparation need to be done.

First of all check the headlamp range adjustment, to do this check the horizontal line border and adjust. Then load the trunk with weight until the rear axle is clearly loads.

When loaded, the horizontal line and the dot may not change


Secondly, in the vehicle with unloaded, do the zero adjustment of the axle and the level sensors with the start diagnosis.


In the menu select the left xenon headlight, then click on adjustment


The menu on the left show the training menu options,select this and go to the zero adjustment.


For the vehicle without air matic, set the weight of 75kg or ask some one for help.

Back to our vehicle with air matic, start the engine and put in neutral. For safety, set the parking brake completely.

Switch on the headlight, but not activate the rear foglight , this would be faulty the setting result.

Only switch on the low beam headlight and get out of the car


Through the window, press the air matic button and press it again until the red light goes out.


At this point no one get inside the vehicle and get to the setting. Our vehicle is 10.% of angle range, so the setting would be 10cm.


The 2 adjusting screws which you need are above the headlight unit.


Do the same thing on the other side, the light is now correctly set and headlight light the lane optimum.


More cases about Benz, please refer to Benz Trouble Repair.

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