How t Remove & Install Swing Motor and Swing Machinery for Komatsu PC130

This instruction show you guide on how to remove/install swing motor and swing machinery for Komatsu PC130 excavator.For more Komatsu case,please refer to:Komatsu trouble repair.



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Remove and Install Front Oil Seal for Komatsu PC130-8 Excavator




Park the machine on a level place and lower the work equipment stably to the ground.
Stop the engine and set the lock lever to locked position.
Release the remaining pressure from the hydraulic circuit, referring to “Bleeding residual pressure from hydraulic circuit” in “Testing and adjusting.”
Disconnect the negative (–) terminal of the battery beforehand.
Put tags to the disconnected hoses to prevent a mistake in re-connecting them.
1Remove lower cover (1).


2.Loosen hydraulic oil drain plug (2) and drain the hydraulic oil.
Hydraulic tank: 90 l (Specified quantity of oil): 145 l


3.Disconnect hoses (3) – (7).


4.Remove mounting bolts (8).


5.Using forcing screw [1], disconnect swing motor and swing machinery assembly (9) from the machine.


6.Lift and remove swing motor and swing machinery assembly (10).
Lift the assembly carefully to prevent interference with the surrounding hoses.
Swing motor and swing machinery assembly: 95 kg




Carry out the installation in the reverse order of removal.

Refilling oil (Hydraulic tank)

Fill oil up to the specified level, start the engine to circulate oil in the pipe and

check the oil level again.

Bleeding air

Bleed air from the piping, referring to “Bleeding air from each part” in Testing and adjusting.

Wing machinery mounting bolt:303.8–362.6 Nm {31–37 kgm}

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