Honda CIVIC 2016 Smart Key Programming by Launch X431

This illustration show guide on how to use Launch X431 device to program a new smart key for Honda CIVIC 2016.More topics about Honda,please refer to:Honda Trouble Repair


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1.You must have an original key;

2.Before performing the operation, ensure that the vehicle battery voltage is not lower than 12V and the device has sufficient power;

3.Duringoperation, strictly follow the device prompts to switch ignition OFF/ON;

4.During operation, strictly follow the device prompts to put the corresponding key in or outside the vehicle;

5.After the key registration completed, check whether all the keys normally open and close the doors and start engine normally.



1.Turn off the ignition switch (if the ignition switch has been turned on), prepare all the keys, and connect the diagnostic device, enter the corresponding IMMO module, and select HONDA Anti-theft diagnostic software.



2.Select the menu Anti-Theft Key Matching, the software will automatically detect the Anti-theft type and display the corresponding function menu.



3.As described in above function introduction. Select the function “Add A Honda Smart Key”.



4.Turn the ignition switch to OFF, as shown in Figure 4.

Note: This operation will be performed more than once during operating, please perform by strictly following the prompts.



5.Take only one original keyless access remote into the vehicle, and remove all other key less access remotes from the vehicle,


6.Turn the ignition switch to ON, as shown in Figure6.


7.Countdown, please take all keyless remotes(keys)out of the vehicle within 100 seconds, as shown in Figure 7


8.Countdown, please take just one new keyless remote (key) into the vehicle within 100 seconds.


9.Now start registration for this keyless access remote.


10.Turn the ignition switch to OFF.

Note: This operation will be performed more than once during operating, please perform by strictly following the prompts.



11.Turn the ignition switch to ON. Click OK communicating, please wait for about 10 seconds.



12.Check whether the key less access remote and immobilizer indicator light goes off.If it is not off, the matching failed; if it is off, continue to check whether the key matching is successful



13.Turn the ignition switch to OFF



14.Turn the ignition switch to ON.


15.Registration completed. Turn the ignition switch to OFF

Honda-CIVIC-2016-Smart-Key-Programming-by-Launch-X431-15 Honda-CIVIC-2016-Smart-Key-Programming-by-Launch-X431-16


16.Check the smart key, try to start Engine, lock and unlock doors


17.Turn the ignition switch to ON. Add A Smart Key completed.

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