Fuso Truck Spare Part Engine ECU Programming After Replacement

It requires special procedure when replacing engine ECU with spare part engine ECU with FUSO Diagnostics reprogramming.Regular reprogramming work by FUSO Diagnostics can’t implement to reprogram spare part ECU due to the vehicle specification (EURO VI / EPA13) and it needs the special procedure. Please follow the procedure for efficient replacement work.


Procedure to reprogram a spare part engine ECU

1Replace current engine ECU with new one (spare part engine ECU) on the vehicle.

2Disconnect the main 2 relay (NOx sensor and NH3 sensor) before reprogramming software to engine ECU.


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Relay position of EuroVI / EPA13 vehicles

Disconnect the B14 relay<EuroVI>

Disconnect the B22 relay<EPA13>


3 Perform the FD reprogramming functionality “Control unit replacement”.


4 After finish the above reprogramming, perform the ECU after-run.


5 After finishing ECU after-run, ignition key ON screen is indicated like below.

At the time, the Main 2 relay can be connected.


Connect the relay.


6 Erase the occurred diagnosis code.

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