How to Install Xentry XDOS & Passthru Secrets Revealed for Dummies 2018

Here is a guide on how to install Xentry XDOS & Passthru Secrets Revealed for Dummies 2018.Hope it helps!

How to XENTRY SCN Coding for Mercedes Benz S221 (1)

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1.Prepare windows sp1 x86 or x64 as an administrator, UAC off.
Some windows update since 2018 make drivers conflict especially with windows 7.
You will get:
– an exclamation mark on display adapter hd3000 in device manager
– loosing the monitor from device manager
– a lot of bugs in the NIC card

HP 8460p: KB4093118
Dell: KB4103718, quarterly 06/2018 rollup
(thanks @apple, @Mackhack)

2Run setup.exe from Xentry XDOS iso or Xentry Passthru iso
– Only for XDOS 2017-12 installation in win x86 32bit.
– Xentry XDOS and Xentry Passthru other releases in win x86 32, don’t need this

Extract XDOS 2017-12 iso.
Replace Xentry Diagnostics OpenShell.msi in folder ‘data’


Xentry Diagnostics OpenShell_msi.txt!noQFnJTR!A2C_o6KqWkccK1ODJML2NpfXoBuURiXO8twO70EVydM


3.Copy xentry missing pictures
x86 32bit
c:\program files\mercedes-benz\

x64 64bit
c:\program files (x86)\mercedes-benz\

Xentry Missing pictures UPTO 2018-07.rar!b8d0nCRQ!yr52vpVqFUDc55qL5ExkA-Js6JL9CL6WKB1kr9Br05Y


4.Install old keys loader for configassist 
purpose: to make configassit accept keys from old xentry/das developer keygen ( it is called ‘old keys’). Select according to your win OS.

copy dll file to:

for x86 32bit

for x64 64bit

then double click:
for windows x86 “old key loader for configassist or startkeycenter 32bit.reg
fox windows x64 “old key loader for configassist or startkeycenter 64bit.reg

And click “yes” to upload it to the registry. with this, now old key can be accepted by xentry.
All release:!mtFklACb!eMJQ_lx8UQ1RmQT_pfA28YTeFNUsJdXimOvxsl4rxhE


5.Run configassyst to enter Xentry license key!mxZwhCZC!6u64h6U_DscEZ4WVr1g9Mmg-BOLv8iH6MENiWFe13Rs


6.Prevents xentry’s key deleted and get “no access authorization code” when diagnosing while online.

a.X4711 Methods.
Purpose: Introduce by Rocinante in 2012. It prevents xentry’s key being deleted and it is SAFE FOR SCN Online Coding

Xentry Internal Error (3.17)-3.175 “no access authorization code” after xenty diagnose while online


COPY C:\ProgramData\LicDir\lic_key_2.dat to the desktop, rename it to lic_key_2.x4711, and make this file READ ONLY

MOVE it back into the directory C:\ProgramData\LicDir\.

make sure the lic_key_2.dat file IS NOT read only while lic_key_2.x4711 file READ ONLY…


7.Install 2221-45 error fix
purpose: fix xentry error 2221-45.
x86 32bit
c:\program files\mercedes-benz\xentry\fusuko\eclipse\plugins
x64 64bit
c:\program files (x86)\mercedes-benz\xentry\fusuko\eclipse\plugins


2221-45 Fix 2018-07.rar!itEAxKZS!2BNHCm_lG0U8WFAxfG17DriaIeyirPyFhsBk061N10g

2221-45 Fix 2018-09.rar!25d2xAKS!Itl_9OwSB7bRxIZwH0T23cERnkmhzlRonYndV2vS5-0



8.Install 3.91 error fix
purpose: fix xentry error 3.91
(for continuation sake, change to a file. Thanks to Glintweb input)
x86 32bit
c:\program files\mercedes-benz\xentry\Kontexte\Allgemeine_Ablaeufe\Public_Functions
x64 64bit
c:\program files (x86)\mercedes-benz\xentry\Kontexte\Allgemeine_Ablaeufe\Public_Functions


3.91 error fix.txt

delete/rename “db2mv.gmf” in

x86 32bit

c:\program files\mercedes-benz\xentry\Kontexte\Allgemeine_Ablaeufe\Public_Functions

x64 64bit

c:\program files (x86)\mercedes-benz\xentry\Kontexte\Allgemeine_Ablaeufe\Public_Functions


9.Install das license 0 day fix
purpose: fix DAS license 0 day error (not for MB Bus). you can use this along with DAS Standalone full size.
x86 32bit
c:\program files\mercedes-benz\DAS\bin
x64 64bit
c:\program files (x86)\mercedes-benz\DAS\bin


DAS license 0 day error fix for xdos and passthru.rar!nxMghCwD!mr7K0d3NF-Tw-M3S_VvMno2A1t-qHaz6KCiR6zwC9MY


DAS Standalone FULL SIZE.rar!vlFRRCKA!CesXmHFdrN2fj73pFfSSu7v9jB_uqbiQEYVybiS_ZrY


10.Install passthru device driver 
(Only for Xentry Passthru)
It depends on your passthru device

Below, are for Xentry XDOS installation only:

11.Xentry blacklist
purpose: avoid sdconnect (genuine or clone) to be blocked by xentry when its serial number is stolen one.

x86 32bit
c:\program files\mercedes-benz\xentry\llist
x64 64bit
c:\program files (x86)\mercedes-benz\xentry\llist

Xentry_Blacklist fix.rar!Kwcl0CKC!lQZaFZLytPsiQJmVCsh-D6XD85Wb02HqBDywZthrd-o


12.Das 870 error fix 
purpose: avoid error 870 in das. use when needed only.

cal 870 error fix.rar!a9FFEajZ!_4ZrzRvHYGCWXln1LRnWFC5Hq4-mux6f2nVitzadzr4


13.Install HHT. 
purpose: diagnose old cars that use 38pin, obd1, banana cables


14.Setting Lan & Wireless for SDConnect
purpose: you have to set lan ip address so that your sdconnect can connect with xentry by cable. while setting wireless ip address for wireless mode. I add utilities from disinfetor too. it is good.!bsMHEA4I!ggM1Df1fUTbRSUMhDbadfDbN25FpAMIJAgnbPAdf_vw


Xentry passthru does not need:
1 32 Bit Installer fix
2xentry and das blacklist
3scn fix (xdos also doesn’t need this fix anymore)

Xentry passthru does not supported this vehicles in DAS:
– Bharat Benz
– Foton
– Fuso
– Unimog
– PKW using HHT

– NO support. This is DIY.
– if you need support, you can ask professionals in market place.

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