Doosan DL06 Engine ECU Reprogram by e-Doctor

Doosan e-Doctor give permission for you to do Doosan DL06 engine ECU reprogram. You can use this menu for ECU Mapping rework or re install program on ECU.

Doosan DL06 Engine ECU Reprogram by e-Doctor

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Engine selection

– No use


Open file

– Select ECU MAP file on your laptop computer for reprogramming or rework



– Install program on ECU.

– You can see the program installing progress rate

  • Install completely (100%), Click stop icon, and restart EDIA
  • After restart the EDIA, Engine serial No must be key in ECU through EOL menu
  • Reprogramming can do that the ECU installed same MAP program before

Example) If the ECU has been installed EUJEA mapping, we can’t reprogram others suffix mapping (EUJEB/EUJEC) on ECU. Just same suffix program on ECU.


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