Detroit Diesel GHG14 Engine Unable to Start a Parked Regeneration Solution

Here is a guide on how to solve Detroit Diesel GHG14 engine unable to start a parked regeneration solution. This section should only be completed if directed here from Regeneration troubleshooting.

Note:Complete steps in numerical order. If any of the items below have been previously inspected during this visit, do not inspect a second time.

Verification: Verify Parked Regeneration Completes

Detroit GHG14 EPA07 Engine

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1.Using DiagnosticLink, monitor the Regen Inhibit Switch Status. Is the Regen Inhibit Switch Status On/Active/True?

1a Yes; turn off the regen inhibit switch on the dash and perform a regeneration.

1b No; Go to step 2.


2.Using DiagnosticLink, monitor vehicle speed and wheel speed. Are all speeds 0 mph?

2a Yes; Go to step 3.

2b No;  OEM service information for diagnostic information. Repair as necessary.


3.Using DiagnosticLink, monitor ASL004: Active Governor Type. Does governor type show Idle Speed Governor?

3a Yes; Go to step 6.

3b No; disengage PTO and restart the regeneration.


4.Do you have a manual transmission?

4a Yes; Go to step 5.

4b No; it is an Automated Manual or Automatic Transmission; Go to step 6.


5.Using DiagnosticLink, monitor the clutch switch. Depress and release clutch. Does the clutch switch change state from ON to OFF to ON?

5a Yes; Go to step 6.

5b No; check switch operation and configuration. Repair as necessary.


6.Using DiagnosticLink, monitor the parking brake switch. Disengage and engage parking brakes. Does the parking brake switch change state from ON to OFF to ON?

6a Yes; Go to step 8.

6b No; check switch operation and configuration. Repair as necessary.


7.Using DiagnosticLink, monitor the neutral safety switch (if equipped). Shift automatic transmission into gear, and back to neutral. Does the neutral safety switch change state (N to R, N to D)?

7a Yes; Go to step 8.

7b No; check neutral switch operation and configuration. Repair as necessary.


8.Using DiagnosticLink, initiate a parked regeneration. Verify regeneration completes. Release the vehicle.

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