Cadillac CT6 Shake Slightly When Accelerating Solution

2017-2019 model year ATS-L2017-2018 model year CT6, RPO: M5N or M5X some vehicles may shake slightly when accelerating, and transmission oil replacement and maintenance are required.More repair case for Cadillac,pls refer to:Cadillac Trouble Repair


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Perform 3 filling and draining procedures



1 Lift the vehicle.

2Remove the oil pan and discard the oil, refer to the maintenance manual “Replacing Automatic Transmission Oil, Oil Storage Pan and/or Filter”


Note: If the oil is found to be viscous or milky, the gearbox oil may be mixed with coolant, do not proceed to the next step. See Service Manual, “Cooling System Leak Test and Transmission Fluid Mixed with Engine Coolant”


3 Install the transmission oil pan, see service manual “Automatic Transmission Fluid, Oil Storage Pan and/or Filter Replacement”.


4 Fill with 8L transmission oil, refer to “Transmission Oil Filling Procedure” in the maintenance manual.



Before removing the transmission fill pipe, thoroughly clean the pipe plug and its surrounding area to prevent dust or dirt from entering the transmission during disassembly. Use compressed air to blow out any caked-on dust attached to or around the pipe. Before removing the pipe plug, use a mirror to verify that the area is free of dust. Failure to clean the ductwork and surrounding area could result in contamination of the transmission.


5 Lower the vehicle, start the vehicle and execute all 8 forward, reverse and neutral gears of the transmission.

6Repeat steps 1-4. Perform the second oil drain and refueling procedure.

7Repeat steps 1-2 to clean the transmission oil pan and magnet. Then perform steps 3-5.

8Perform the Transmission Fluid Level Inspection procedure, see Service Manual “Transmission Fluid Level and Condition Inspection”.



During the oil level inspection process, the engine keeps idling and the gearbox oil temperature is between 35℃-45℃

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