BMW FRM Module Repair Guide (Not Need Replacement)

BMW FRM Module trouble is very typicaly trouble on BMW which cause:

  • Headlight out of control: light on all the time or can’t light on.
  • Turn light and car window lifter work incorrectly.
  • Communication trouble.

It will not only cost a lot of money to repair frm module,but also many time on it.So I share guide on how to repair bmw frm module guide here.

BMW FRM Module Repair Guide -1

What cause BMW FRM damaged?

The most likely reason of bmw frm damaged include two point:

  • Online programmer
  • Power supply voltage is unstable

Both of them will cause CPU lost data.

Solution: Rewrite the original eeprom data


Some readers ask me for BMW FRM Dump bin file collection,here i you can download it here:
BMW FRM Dump Data File Download



FRM Footwell Module Knowledge All Here

How to Remove BMW FRM Footwell Module


I see many people ask the problem of BMW FRM Module Reset ,so i put the article below:
BMW FRM Module Reset: Short Circuit Counter


Here we take BMW E90 2011 as example,and below vehicle are affected:

E90 Series BMW 3 Series Cars

E70 X50 Series

E81,E82,E87,E88 1 Series


Choice ECU Programmer ( VVDI Prog,Xprog…) to read FRM Module CPU data.Difference device have difference wiring diagram,follow yours and read eeprom data out.

CPU type 9S12XEQ3

BMW FRM Module Repair Guide -2

Below picture show the all data is F,it mean CPU data has been lost,all of them is blank.

BMW FRM Module Repair Guide -3

We need to find original data and rewrite it the CPU.

My collection of FRM3 Dumps – P-Flash and EEPROM



Which situation we need to coding and which dont need?

There are many variants of FRM(Footwell Module) FRM1, FRM2, and FRM3 which all have different controls and functions such as lights, windows and doors. If the eeprom data is exactly the same as your car original data, you do not need coding.  If fog light or aperture still flashes after load original data, you need to do coding.


Device optional:

BMW ICOM Engineering software Ncs expert, Launch X431 V pro, Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P etc

Here is the instruction of Launch X431 Pro, it is easier than ICOM engineering software.

Select vehicle make: BMW
Select Coding/Programming

BMW FRM Module Repair Guide 4

Select detail model: 3 series E90

BMW FRM Module Repair Guide 5
Select data stream: FRM Module has been replaced

BMW FRM Module Repair Guide 6

Select FRM module

BMW FRM Module Repair Guide 7

Download file

BMW FRM Module Repair Guide 8

Flash/Reset FRM

BMW FRM Module Repair Guide 9


1BMW FRM Module Repair Guide 0

FRM module is repaired.

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