BMW E Series ABS DSC Module 5EAC Trouble Repair

Here is a real repair case on how to repair BMW E series ABS system DSC control module 5EAC trouble code.More BMW repair case please refer to:BMW Trouble Repair.



ABS warning light on and ABS system can not work


Trouble Code:

5EAC–DSG speed sensor right front


Possible reasons:

1.DSC right front speed sensor installed incorrectly

2.DSC right front speed sensor damaged or contaminated

3.DSC right front speed sensor connector or harness damaged

4.Right front tire wheel bearing damaged

5.DSC module error



Measure from pin 1 of sensor to pin 16 of DSC module (work well)

Measure from pin 2 of sensor to pin 15 of DSC module (work well)

Measure resistance from pin 15 to pin 16 of DSC module,it show gigantic (71-78Ω normally)

BMW-E-Series-ABS-DSC-Module-5EAC-Trouble-Repair-1 BMW-E-Series-ABS-DSC-Module-5EAC-Trouble-Repair-2 BMW-E-Series-ABS-DSC-Module-5EAC-Trouble-Repair-3

Remove the cover DSC PCB to check,and then weld the damaged solder joint,after all done.

Install back on vehicle to test,all thing work well!!!

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