BMW E-sys Create Default CAFs based on VO

Playing with the FA’s last night I think I found a way to create a factory default .ncd file based on your FA/VO. (which can then be uploaded to the car via CODE FDL)

Save your FA to file and change/add the SALAPA elements you need (I added 8TD and 8TH) to a file.Save your SVTActual (SVTIst) to file.

In expert mode go to the Coding-Verification screen.

Load the FA/VO and Right click on it to ‘calculate FP’.

BMW Coding/Flashing/Progrmming PDF+Video Guide


On the ‘Complete Verification’ section, select ‘Verification by SVT’ and select your SVTActual file you just saved.

On the ‘Settings’ section, enter a Trace Directory and select the ‘NCD-Trace’ checkbox.

Once that is done you can either select the CAF’s you want to validate (quicker) or hit the ‘Start Complete Verification’ button (slow).

When the process finishes, you’ll have all the NCD trace files that the validation process generated in the ‘Trace’ directory/folder you specified. YouM can then open these files and look at the values with the FDL Editor.


You can also add these files to your ECU in the coding screen by right clicking on the CAFD item and selecting NEW> FDL.

I have not tried loading one of these to my car yet but when looking at the values in the file, it did turn on SLI for me in KAFAS.

For example, the new HU_CIC file has everything I have aktive on my car set to nicht_aktive, for example RDC_SAFETY, HUD_INDICATORS and L7 slider.


Be very careful, read all instructions and go slow.

Note:Like everything here, do this AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

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