BMW Control Units/ECUs Abbreviation Short Explanations

Some readers feedback that they need BMW control units/ECUs short explanations,because they don’t know the abbreviation mean when they upgrading BMW control units.So here I collect some common BMW control units short explanations,hope it helps!


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BMW Control Units/ECUs Abbreviation Short Explanations:


AAG – Trailer Hitch Module


ABS-Antilock braking system
ACC – Active Cruise Control

ACP-Audio Control Panel
ACSM – Advanced Crash and Safety Management

ACSM-MRS:Crash Safety Module Multiple Restraint System

ADP-Audio Display Panel

AGS-Transmission Control

AHL-Adaptive Headlights
AHM – Trailer module
AMP – Amplifier
AMPH – HiFi Amplifier
AMP_TOPHB – Top HiFi Amplifier/System
AMP – Amplifier/System
AMP_TOPHB – Top HiFi Amplifier/System
ASA – Active steering
ASD – Active Sound
ATM – Advanced Telecommunications Module
BDC – Body Domain Controller (ZGW, FEM, REM, SZL, IHKA, TCB, CAS, JBBF Combined)
CAS – Car Access System
CID – Central Information Display
CMB_ECALL – Combox Emergency Caller
CMB_MEDIA – Combox Media
CVM – Soft top module (Convertable Top)
DKOMBI – MFID Instrument cluster (6WB)
DDE – Digiatl Diesel Electronics
DME – Digital Motor Electronics
DSC – Dynamic Stability Control
DWA – Immobilizer (Alarm)
DVDC – DVD Changer
EGS – Electronic Transmission Control Unit
EHA – Electronic ride-height control
EHC – Electronic ride-height control
EKPM – Electronic fuel pump control
EMF – Electromechanical parking brake
EPS – Electronic power steering
FEM_BODY – Front electronics module (ZGW, FRM, CAS, and JBBF Combined)
FEM_GW – Front electronics module gateway
FKA – Rear-cabin automatic A/C
FLA – Automatic High Beam Camera Only
FRM – Footwell module (Lighting)
FRR – Active cruise control
FZD – Function unit roof
GHAS – Regulated Rear Axle
GWS – Gear selection switch
HC2 – Heading Control 2
HKFM – Rear Lift-Lid (Trunk)
HKL – Rear Lift-Lid (Trunk)
HU_ENTRY – Head Unit Entry Level (no iDrive System)
HU_CHAMP (Head Unit CIC Mid) (iDrive system)
HU_CIC – Head Unit CIC High (iDrive system)
HU_NBT – Head Unit NBT (iDrive system)
HC2 – Lane Change Warning
HUD – Heads-Up Display
ICM_QL – Integrated Chassis Management
ICM_V – Integrated Chassis Management Vertical (Vertical dynamics management)
IHKA – Integrated automatic heating/air conditioning system
JBBF – Junction box electronics
JBE – Junction box electronics
KAFAS – Cameras System (LDW, AHB, SLI)
KOMBI – Instrument cluster
LHM – LED Headlights main light modules (fan and LEDs for the cornering light, low-beam and high-beam headlights).
NIVI – Night Vision Camera
PDC – Park distance control
PMA2 – Parking Assist
RDC – Tyre pressure control
REM – Rear Electronics Module
RSE – Rear Seat Entertainment
SM – Seat module / Seat Memory
SME – Accumulator-management electronics
SMBF – Seat module / Seat Memory Passenger
SZL_LWS – Steering column control unit
SVT – Servotronic
TCB – Telematics Communications Box (BMW Assist)
TMS – LED Headlights (stepper motors for the Adaptive LED Headlights and LEDs for the side marker light, the positioning light and the turn indicator)
TRSVC -All around view camera
TBX – iDrive Controller Touch Handwriting Module
VDC1 – Vertical Dynamic Control 1
VDC2 – Vertical Dynamic Control 2
VDM – Vertical dynamics Management

VM-Video module

VM-GT:Video module for navigation

VSW-Video switch


VTC2-Valvetronic 2

VTG-Transfer box

VSG-Vehicle Sound Generator

WIM-Wiper module
ZBE – iDrive Controller
ZGW – Central gateway module


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