2015 Kobelco ISUZU 4JJ1 Tier 4 Engine Camshaft Removal Guide

This instruction show you guide on how to remove camshaft for 2015 Kobelco ISUZU 4JJ1 Tier 4 engine.


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1 Battery Ground Cable Disconnect

Disconnect the battery ground cable from the battery.

Caution:Do not disconnect the battery cable for 3 minutes after turning OFF the ignition switch.


2 Fuel Hose Removal

Remove the cover from the cylinder head cover.


Remove the harness connector from the injector.

Remove the nozzle leak off pipe from the injector.


Caution: Do not reuse the leak-off pipe clip.



3 Cylinder Head Cover Removal

Disconnect the PCV hose from the cylinder head cover.

Disconnect the oil separator hose from the cylinder head cover.

Note: Disconnect the PCV hose or oil separator hose.

Remove the oil filler pipe from the cylinder head cover.

Note: The specifications of equipment vary depending on the machine.


Remove the cylinder head cover from the cylinder head.

Caution: Take care not to damage the lip section of the oil seal with the injector connector.



4 Camshaft Preparation

Align No.1cylinder to the compression top dead center.

Note: Turn the crankshaft in the forward direction (clockwise) to align the gear case cover and crank pulley alignment marks.ISUZU Engine E-IDSS diagnostic software

Note: Verify the compression top dead center alignment position of the No.1 cylinder using a mirror, etc.



5 Baffle Plate Removal

Remove the baffle plate from the cylinder head.



6 Camshaft Removal

Remove the camshaft upper bracket from the camshaft lower bracket.

Note: Verify that there is a marking.


Remove the inlet camshaft from the camshaft brackets.

Remove the exhaust camshaft from the camshaft brackets.


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