2 steps to test and repalce ABS Fuse

If you see ABS warning light on,what will you do?Drive you car to garage or do it youself?I recommend the first thing you should check the ABS fuse,just to use of a simple test light.

ABS system the same as any other electrical system and is protected by a fuse that can blow if an electrical surge or short circuit occurs.ABS pump motor or controller get in trouble when short circuit occurs.


How to locate the ABS fuses?

Usually,most ABS fuses are located in the fuse panel under the dash or in the power distribution center under the hood.Consult your car’s usermanual for detail locations.

2 step to test and replace ABS Fuse-1

STEP 1:Locate ABS Fuse 

According to the manuafacturer and model of your car,locate the position where ABS Fuse is.If you can’t find it,pls to consult usermanual or check an online manual.


STEP 2:Remove the shell and find the ABS Fuse to test


Remove the shell

2 step to test and replace ABS Fuse-2

Consult the car usermanual as below two pictures,you can get ABS Fuse No. is “9”,find it another road map picture.So we can get it’s location.

2 step to test and replace ABS Fuse-3

3 step to test and replace ABS Fuse-4

After located,use a test light bulb which is connected to ground to test both sides of the fuse.It will ensure the ABS Fuse is working properly.You need to the test light bulb to touch both side of the Fuse.

2 step to test and replace ABS Fuse-5

According to the test result:

1.If you just seem one side of fuse  get power,it mean ABS fuse damaged,you need to replace it.

2.Both sides of ABS Fuse get power mean it works correctly.

Note:If a blown fuse is found, replace it with a new fuse of the same amperage. Never install a fuse with more amperage than is called for as this could cause damage to the wiring or additional components.

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