How To Reset Honda Acura SRS Light On

Here share the guide on how to solve Honda Acura SRS Light On.And this article show the method by Text and Picture,and at end of aritcle you can watch the video gudie to get detail steps.

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How To Reset Honda Acura SRS Light:

Step 1:Remove panels under steering wheel to access interior fuse box.

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Step 2:Locate yellow clip inside fuse box and disconnect it.

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Step 3:Attach a power wire, speaker wire, or a paper clip to both terminals of the clip

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Step 4:Turn ignition key on “ON” position.

Step 5:Wait for beeping to stop.SRS Light should turn off

Step 6:Quickly disconnect wires SRS Light should come back on

Step 7:When Light comes back on, quickly reconnect wires.SRS Light should turn off

Step 8:When Light is off, disconnect wires againWhen reset is complete, it will flash twice.Wait a second to see if the light turns back on, if it does, repeat steps 4~8

Step 9:Start car to see if the SRS light has been successfully turned off.If problems persist, run diagnostic.

DIY: Reset SRS Light on Honda Acura Video Guide

Reseting SRS light will not always fix the problem.
If problem persists, SRS light will come back on eventually.

To find the source of the problem, run diagnostic.
Most common problem with 7th gen is the seat belt sensor (which is covered under Honda lifetime warranty)
A worse problem would be airbags malfunction

Honda runs diagnostics for $68 dollars and fixes the problem for free if it is a seatbelt problem
Some will even refund diagnostic fee

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