How To Reset SRS Warning Light By Yourself

What Is SRS Light?

SRS is short call of Supplemental Restraint System.The SRS Airbag System is designed to supplement the seatbelt system and improve occupant protection in certain type of crushes. Airbags supplement the seat belt and enhance passenger safety in certain types of collision.If SRS waning light stay on your car,it means a problem with the airbags or the components that are part of the SRS system.


What Reasons Cause SRS Light On?

Here is a list of some of the most common problems with the SRS system:

#1 Seat Occupancy Senor in the passenger seat.

#2 Low voltage in the electrical system. Battery issue or charging.

#3 Seat belt latch.

#4 Steering Wheel Clock Spring

#5 Seat Belt Sensor

#6 Damaged Wire Contacts at the doors.

#7 Defective Airbag

#8 Defective, damaged or loose contact at the impact sensors.


Here I share the guide on How to reset the airbag light by youself

Note:This guide can solve SRS light on caused by removing items such as steering wheel, seats, seatbelts and airbags. Its very rare for a sensor in the front to go bad but if you have been in to an accident and your airbag didn’t deploy but the seatbelt locked, YOU MUST replace the SRS module. And in other situations, SRS light on caused by Supplemental Restraint System Trouble.You need to repair the trouble firstly,and then reset the SRS light.If not,you will find the SRS light can not be reset,even you try to repeat the guide again and again.


Reset SRS Light Video Guide:


Reset SRS Light Guide (Text and Picture)

Step 1:You can use two options in this step to use to make two contact connect together:
#1 Paper Clip, you can use the paperclip and bend it out to where both ends are next to each other so it can be put in to two pins.
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#2 Regular wires, this is actually the best way to use to complete a circuit.

How To Reset SRS Warning Light By Yourself (2)

Step 2:Remove the bottom panel under the dash, two twist clips which can be easily taken off. (turn counter-clockwise)

How To Reset SRS Warning Light By Yourself (3)

Step 3: After the bottom panel is exposed, locate the fuse box (see drawing for location)
How To Reset SRS Warning Light By Yourself (4)

Step 4: Locate the SRS plug above the fuses in the fuse box panel, you will see a yellow clip in the middle left side. It is also the ONLY plug thats yellow in the fuse box panel.
How To Reset SRS Warning Light By Yourself (5)
Step 5:Unplug the clip. You should see two pin holes that you will be completing the circuit with using the paper clip or wires
How To Reset SRS Warning Light By Yourself (6)
Step 6:Plug the paperclip in to the 2-pin clip.
How To Reset SRS Warning Light By Yourself (7)
After all the Prep Work is done, here comes the steps you need to take to complete actually reset the light. TIMING MUST BE PERFECT, if the light comes back on, remove the key and repeat steps again. Read these steps first before attempting the reset.

Step 7:With the paperclip or wires in the pins, place the key in and click to the Ingition On position II and leave it alone throughout the whole step.
How To Reset SRS Warning Light By Yourself (8)
Step 8:You should hear beeps for 3 seconds, and when the beep is gone, the SRS should turn OFF.
How To Reset SRS Warning Light By Yourself (9)

Step 9:QUICKLY, Take the paperclip/wires out and the light should come back on.
How To Reset SRS Warning Light By Yourself (10)

Step 10:When the light comes on, QUICKLY plug the paperclip back in to complete the curcuit again, in a second or so, the SRS light should TURN off

Step 11:At the final step here, you will remove the paperclip/wire and the light will quickly flash twice and turn off. You should wait a second or two to see if the light comes back, if so, YOU WILL NEED TO REPEAT steps 7-11 again. If not, read step 12

Step 12:At this point, take the key out of the ignition and put the 2-pin clip back in to the proper place (same place where you took it out). Secure the bottom dash back in to place. Test out the SRS again with the Ignition Position II. It should beep then the SRS should turn off.


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