Volvo Penta D1-30 Engine Piston,Piston Rings and Con Rod Assemble Guide

This illustration show you guide on how to assemble piston,piston rings and con rod for Volvo Penta D1-D3 engine.


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1.Install one of the circlips in the piston.

2.Oil the gudgeon pin and gudgeon ring bush.

3.Warm the piston to about 100oC. Place the piston and con rod so that the markings line up.

The marking on the con rod and the “SHIBAURA” marking inside the piston must face the same way.

Slide the gudgeon pin in.

NOTE! It should be possible to slide the gudgeon pin in easily. It must not be driven in.

4.Install the other circlip.

5.Check that the con rod does not move stiffly in the gudgeon pin bush.

6.Check the big end bearing clearances.

7.Check the piston ring gap in the cylinder bores,and check that the rings do not bind in the piston ring grooves.


8.Install the piston rings on the pistons, using piston ring pliers. Letters or markings on ring surfaces must always be turned so that the marking faces upwards.

Install the oil scraper ring first. Put the expansion spring (1) for the oil scraper ring in the lower piston ring groove, with the location dowel (A) inside both ends of the spring. Check that the ends of the expansion spring do not overlap. Install the oil scraper ring (2) above the expansion spring.

Check that the ring gap is installed with 180o displacement to the guide pin.

Install the ring with the tapered surface (3) in the centre piston ring pair so that the marking faces the piston crown.

Install the upper ring (4) with the marking upwards.

Check that the ring openings are at 90 degree to each other.


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