Toyota TIS Techstream Register TPMS for “Lost Communication With ECU”

The purpose of this article to provide procedures on Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensor

registration when Lost Communication With ECU appears on the Techstream display.

This condition may occur when trying to register one or more sensors. Follow the procedures in

this bulletin to properly register TPMS sensors.


Vehicle Models Applicability:

4 Runner 2004-2009
Avalon,Camry,Camry HV,RAV4,Sienna 2007-2009
Corolla,FJ Cruiser,Highlander,Highlander HV,Matrix,Yaris 2008-2009
Land Cruiser,Prius,Tacoma 2006-2009
Spequoia,Tundra 2005-2009
Solara 2007-2009


What you need?

How to use Toyota TIS Techstream

Toyota TIS Techstream v12.20.024 Installation Guide

Latest Toyota TIS Techstream V13.10.019 Software Free Download

Toyota TIS Techstream Mini VCI Cable


Note:The software download version provide above is the newest version,if you buy the Mini VCI cable from your dealer,them will sent you lower version tested.You would better to run the version provided by your dealer.The newest version is only for DIY’er try,it haven’t been test on all teachstream hardware.



1.Connect TIS Techstream to the vehicle

2.Turn the ignition switch to the “IG-ON” position.

3.Select the datalist for the Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

4.Check and set all tire pressures to specification with an accurate tire pressure gauge and compare the information to what is displayed on the datalist.

5.After checking the tire pressure, record the TPMS sensors ID numbers.Check below operation case:

Techstream Program TPMS Sensor for Toyota Tacoma 2015

6.With the vehicle set to “IG-ON” mode, disconnect the TIS Techstream.

7.Using Jumper wire or equivalent, connect terminals TC and CG at the DL3 connector for at least 30 seconds. Do not cycle the ignition switch to “OFF” position during this step. (Landcruiser use TC and E1 at DLC1)

Toyota TIS Techstream Register TPMS for “Lost Communication With ECU”

8.Once 30 seconds have passed, with the vehicle still in “IG-ON” mode, remove the jumper wire.

9.Connect TIS Techstream and begin the registration process.


NOTE:If “Lost Communication With ECU” appears during the registration process, then terminals TC and CG were not connected properly or the key was cycled during this process.

10.After registration has been performed, leave TIS Techstream connected and confirm that the tire pressures are reading correctly and the thresold pressures show a difference of 5 to 7psi less than the inflation pressure. For vehicles with a TPMS reset switch, press and hold the reset switch to begin the initialization process.

11.After tire pressures and thresholds pressures display on the datalist, adjust all tire pressures in relation to the expected changes in ambient temperatures.

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