How to Solve BMW 320 Oxygen Sensor Trouble Code 2A5F

A few days ago,a automobile repair mechanic ask me the problem of how to use repair BMW 320 2007 oxygen sensor trouble code 2A5F problem.He repair several oxygen sensors,the error still can not disappear,even after repair a new ECU.So here i share this guide on how to repair BMW oxygen sensor fault code 2A5F.



How to Solve BMW 320 Oxygen Sensor Trouble Code 2A5F?

Note:The method shared below will solve this problem permanently. We can directly shield this fault code by modifying the data of the ECU.The oxygen sensor still work normally, except that it will not generate this fault code in the system.


Remove ECU from BMW vehicle and disassemble ECU

How-to-Solve-BMW-320-Oxygen-Sensor-Trouble-Code-2A5F-2 How-to-Solve-BMW-320-Oxygen-Sensor-Trouble-Code-2A5F-3


Use KTAG programmer to read out ECU data (recommend you make backup)


Open FLASH data by Hexworkshops editor software

Locate 001D2790 line and change all “03” to “00”


Then write FLASH data back to ECU and install ECU back on car

Now you can test it,and will find the fault code 2A5F disappear.(need repair related hardware on car)

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