How to Fix Code P0352 Check Engine Light on TOYOTA Camry

This instruction will show you how to check ignition coils and fix check light on trouble code P0352 on Toyota Camry , as well as P0351,P0353 and P0354.

Ignition coils can be tested even without OBD scanner by unplugging the wire harnesses, if the engine sound changes and shakes, it means the coil working fine, if it didn’t change, that coils is the failed one and need to be replaced with a new one.

When your check engine light is on with the traction control it means the engine has serious problem, and the car must be stopped immediately or it’ll damage the engine. Some other cars also shows engine power reduce warning for this particular problem.


You’ll feel the engine shaking and lagging and the exhaust sound not be normal


Connect the OBD scanner to your vehicle


Put the key on ignition position and connecting to your phone with bluetooth, after that, open the code reading app Torque, click “Fault codes”


Click “Show logged faults”


Get code P0352 ignition coil “B” primary/secondary circuit


Ignition coil transforms the battery voltage which is 12 volts to thousands of volts to create an electric spark in the spark plug to ignite the fuel.


Removing each coil wire harness if the engine sound changes and shakes more it means the coil working just fine. The coils being numbered from left to right is 1234




Turn the engine off and replace the coil number two. Use a ratchet and 10 mm socket unlock bolt


Sometimes the ignition coil cracks will shows the same problem. Replace a new ignition coil and put the harness back.


When you fix the problem, click “Clear logged fault”


The code can be cleared even without using OBD scanner by removing negative cable on the battery and pull it back again after a few minutes.


More information about check engine light, please refer to HOW TO SOLVE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON.




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