How to Fix Code P0456 Check Engine Light on TOYOTA Camry 2015-2017

This instruction will show you how to fix check light on trouble code P0456 on Toyota Camry 2015-2017.



Connect the OBD scanner to your vehicle


Put the key on ignition position and connecting to your phone with bluetooth, after that, open the code reading app Torque


Click “Fault Codes”


Click “Show logged faults”


Get code “P0456”. Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected(very small leak,check fuel cap,piping,etc)


It means there is a leak in a fuel line or most common scenario is when the fuel cap is loose, check it, you need to hear clicling sound when you tighten it.


Cleaning works as well


Connect OBD scanner again, then clear P0456 code


Turn off the check engine light, the check engine light will off.

If the code comes on again, either the fuel cab need to replace or you need to check the fuel line that connects to the fuel rod. And the second place to check is the fuel pump line hoses.


Whenever there is fuel leak in these two places, you’ll smell gas and the car must be turned off immediately.


More information about check engine light, please refer to HOW TO SOLVE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON.

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