How to DIY Replace TPMS Sensors on Honda Vehicle

In this instruction, we’ll show you how to replace TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensors at home without a tire machine on Honda Vehicle, this method should be applied to other vehicles.

The reason I replace TPMS sensor is because I got a tire pressure monitor fault. Over time the TPMS sensors can go bad or the batteries can go dead.



Remove the wheel and take the Valve core out of the stem, let all the air out of the tire


Go in the back of the car and pull out the scissor jack to install the spare.

Take a block of wood, put it on the tire, set scissor jack on the block of wood

Use the scissor jack to push down on the side wall of the tire to break the bead, ensure you are not going to damage the sidewall of the tire.


Keep in mind, not all tires are the same. If you’re doing a truck tires those are designed to carry more weight, so the sidewall could be thicker, that is going to be harder to do this.

Also if you’re trying to do this to a low profile tire, the sidewalls are going to be much stronger, also hard to do this.

Get the sensor out. On my Honda, there is only an 11 mm nut on the outside of the wheel

It’s vary depending on what kind of car you’re working on. Some of them have bolts on the inside of the sensor going into the stem, some of the older ones have big bands that go around the rim and the sensor itself is actually held into the band around the rim


Put new sensor in, new sensor comes with new nuts and washer

Pay attention when you snug nut up,do not go too tight otherwise you’ll break the stems


After install a new sensor, I found if I go to loosen the nut on the outside of sensor, the whold stem is actually spinning inside the sensor.So I need to cut the inside of the stem off to get the sensor off the stem.

Use an air powered die grinder to cut the bottom of this valve of the sensor, but you could just use a hacksaw sawzall whatever you have at you disposal to do this. Ensure don’t cut the sidewall of the tire


Use some WD-40 or something similar go around the bead of the tire, it’ll help the tire slide on the rim and pop back on the bead easier


Fill air up top pop back on the bead


After replace TPMS sensor, you need to reprogram the computer with the TPMS new ID numbers. You can do it with scan tool.

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