BMW NCD/CAFD Tool Free Download

What is BMW NCD/CAFD Tool?

NCD/CAFD Tool is software written by TokenMaster.NCD/CAFD Tool is special for NCD/CAFD files,compare NCD/CFAD file,trimmed CAFD and FA2FP files.And for more BMW software,please check here:BMW Software Download


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BMW E-sys Coding Software Free Download


How to Use NCD/CAFD Tool?


Read both vehicle NCD’s and CAFD (from SWE\CAFD).

More verbose descriptions than premium launcher mapping

ability to easily see options (nicht_aktiv, aktiv, etc) without having to double-click or Right click and select edit

ability to copy data


NCD Compare

Load two *.ncd’s and quickly and easily visually compare differences.

Could be used to compare your factory files to version with FDL coded changes.

BMW NCD/CAFD Tool Free Download

Decrypt CAFD

Can decrypt CAFD, FAFP, and other files.

Can saved decrypted file and search using IE, notepad, or wordpad



Load and search existing FA file

FA Viewer: Search all existing and possible factory options for particular FA

FP Viewer: Without loading particular FA, you can select given series and build level. Then, view and search VO options, E-words, etc. Could you to create FA in notepad


FA Compare

Compare two FA’s and highlight differences



Play what-if games with FA’s



Play more robust what-if games with SVT’s.

Way to test VO/ FA changes and know which ECU’s affected and how. Then you could either FDL-code or know which ECU’s to VO code.

Helpful in situations like changing languages or adding 6NS and knowing whether vehicle has separate combox with HU_CIC.


NCD/CAFD Tool Update Log:

Update: 05/07/2015 V0.3.7 Alpha
Updated portable PSdZData DB (V56.5 base).

Update: 05/07/2015 V0.3.1 Alpha

Made the PSdZdata database external. The Tool and the launchers are now using the same portable DB format

Minor bug fixes

Update: 03/29/2015 V0.3.0 Alpha

Added support for trimmed PSdZdata (V54.2+)

Minor bug fixes

New Obfuscation method to avoid false-positive detection by lazy AV Makers

Update: 11/10/2014 V0.2.8 Alpha

Added support for iCars (i3/i8)

Minor bug fixes

Update: 9/8/2014 V0.2.7 Alpha

Added Type Key options to “What-If” feature

Minor bug fixes

Update: 7/14/2014 V0.2.6 Alpha

Added “What-If SVT-CAFD” feature

Minor bug fixes

Update: 4/13/2014 V0.2.5

Added “What-If FA-CAFD” feature

NCD/CFAD Comparison tool now excludes “Comments”

Minor bug fixes


NCD/CAFD Tool Free Download:!HAdwmCzJ!kTdsZFT8dZliEkRkZY5JIA

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