5 Commons Problems on 2011-20 Chrysler 300 Sedan 2nd Generation

There are summarized top 5 problems with the 2nd generation Chrysler 300, which is available as model years 2011 to 2020 in this article. And also offer suggestions on how to resolve these problems yourself. More Chrysler cases, please refer to Chrysler Repair Projects.



No.1 Window Regulator & Motor

You may find that the window is doesn’t work. Whether it is stuck up or you roll it down and it doesn’t to backup. The most common problem for that is the regulator and motor.

Regulator and motor is inside the door, you have to do is take the panel off, and inside the door panel you’ll see the regulator and motor.


That’s will same on the other doors as well.


No.2 Steering Column Squeak

You may notice when you drive vehicle and you turn the wheel,at the base of steering column you hear a squeak type noise. The actually it is coming from the lower steering shift seal. If you remove the panel underneath here


You can see the steering shift going through the firewall, on the steering shift there is actually a  seal. The seal gets dry and cause the squeak noise. So if you lubricating the seal, the squeak noise should go away.


No.3 Transmission Shifting Problems

You may notice that in between gear changes an ruff shift , there is actually a program update for this concern. You have to do is go to the dealer or to a shop connection a program your vehicle.


No.4 Carbon Buildup on Valves

You may notice you have a check engine light on and it’s probably flashing, that because of you have a miss fire and P0300 trouble code. The common cause for this is the carbon buildup on valves.


No.5 Odor in the HVAC System


You may notice a odor coming from the heating air conditioner system, and most of time it’ll happen after using the AC. The reason for this moisture build up on the evaporator cold and cause that odor.


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