WinKFP error 211 Solutions

Sometimes winkfp error 211 occurs when you flashing a module,and flashen is aborted.Here I write this article to share you with solutions of how to solve WinKFP error 211.

Below picture show the WinKFP error 211.

WinKFP error 211 Solutions-1

Here I collect possible reasons,you need to check one by one.

1.Check WinKFP Configuration,and make sure you have configured it as below picture shows.

ICOM-A2-2WinKFP error 211 Solutions-2WinKFP error 211 Solutions-2

2.You need to reprogrammed mdules on the MOST bus by ICOM.If you use K+DCAN cable to reprograme,it maybe occur 211 error.

3.Just code both modules to default. You can use any profile which has manipulation disabled.

4.Make sure your car plugged to power supply to maintain proper voltage.

5.You need to code both units and then align.This can be done via ncs and inpa.When units are virgin chassis is written at time of coding.

6.Below show two config files,please replace those two files(backup yours) with those and try whether it is working.(before repalcing,pls save your original files)

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