How to solve BMW E-sys Coding Software Error

One of my bloger reader sent e-mail to me about BMW E-sys error.Several days ago his BMW E-sys software was out of work,so he searched on internet for help.Finally,he find some errors and solution on BMW forum, and share how to solve BMW E-sys errors  with us.

E-Sys 3.24.3

BMW E-sys error 1:

When choose “Read Coding Data”, get this error:

Transaktions-Report: Aktion: Codierdaten lessen

CAS [40] [C271460]

readCPS o.k.

cafd_0000000f-005_022_007 Fehler:

File for “cafd_0000000f-005_022_007” not found! [C012]


Make Sure you have copied the SWE contents from PSDZData/SWE to C:/EsysData/SWE (You should have it in both the locations)


BMW E-sys error 2:

Open E-Sys and when hit connect get the pop up which has my VIN next to that radio buttion, but nothing shows up in the Target box.


More likely that the “dist” folders missing from your installation. The folders should be empty, but they need to be there:

make sure the folder names/directory is correct.


BMW E-sys error 3:

Ethernet Connection Problems


Disconnect and Reconnect


BMW E-sys error 4:

Read FA failed! Possibly there is no FA stored in the VCM. [C060]


There must be some OS or WLAN Adaptor setting that keeps the Wired and WiFi connections isolated or combined that is not set to isolate them.

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