How to Solve ETKA 8 Path not Found Error

Some my blog readers sent emails to me ask for the solution of ETKA 8 Path not found error.So here I put the solution here,hope it helps!


ETKA 8 Free Download Install on Win 7/8/8.1/10


ETKA 8 Path not found error Solution Steps:
1) Once you’re done installing Etka 8.0, restart your computer
2) When your system boots up again, DO NOT OPEN THE ETKA SHORTCUT ON YOUR DESKTOP
3) Delete the ‘ETKA’ shortcut from your Desktop
4) Then navigate to  C:/ETKA/PROG and make a shortcut of the EtStartn.exe and copy the new shortcut to your Desktop
5) After that download the attachment ‘ETK8_2018-V1_CORRECTION-INT.rar’, extract ‘ETK8_2018-V1_CORRECTION-INT.exe’ on your Desktop, and double click the file

Finally, open ETKA from the newly created shortcut on your Desktop.


ETK8_2018-V1_CORRECTION-INT.rar Donwload

Note: You have to disable your Antivirus when extracting ‘ETK8_2018-V1_CORRECTION-INT.exe’, cause some Antivirus software recognize it as a trojan (but it’s not).

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Don’t forget to thank KrAzYtHeBoY post and +rep him.
If you get stuck when the setup will request you to install ETKA 8.1:

1.Prerequisite:  The folder “C:\ETKA\PROG\IX\” is available in your ETKA Folder.

2.Copy the contents of the folder “C:\ETKA\PROG\IX\PROG\”   to   “C:\ETKA\PROG1\” and overwrite the existing files.

3.Copy the contents of the folder “C:\ETKA\PROG\IX\DATA\”   to   “C:\ETKA\DATA\” and overwrite the existing files.

4.Copy the contents of the folder “C:\ETKA\PROG\IX\PROG\”   to   “C:\ETKA\PROG2\” and overwrite the existing files.

Then once you are done copying the files, try to run the installer C:\ETKA\PROG\IX\ETKA_81_Install.exe. It will fail again with an error message ‘No etka8 instalation was found’. Close all the open windows and start ETKA again, it should have the 8.1 version. From there let the system continue with the updates.

Edit1: Added credits to isdochegal for sharing the etka patch file
Edit2: Added credit to planet-fireball
Edit3: Added credit to spec8