Volvo FM440 Truck PTO Activated Engine Speed Limit Programming

In this instruction, show you guide on how to program engine speed limit when PTO activated for Volvo FM440 truck.For more Volvo repair case,please refer to Volvo Trouble Repair.


Before the “Engine Speed Limit” setting programing,then engine RPM can reach 1650 rpm when we step on the accelerator pedal fully.It will make hydraulic pump and other components damaged easily in the power take off.



2024 Volvo  TechTool PTT 2.8.241 APCI All Version Free Download

Volvo PROSIS 2023 2019 2018 Parts Catalog & Repair Manuals Free Download

Volvo Diagnostic Kit (88890300)

Volvo VOCOM 88890300 Diagnostic Kit

Volvo Impact 2022 2019 EPC Parts Catalogue Free Download



Run Tech Tool on desktop



After the vehicle data reading process completed,select “Program” menu


Select “Service and maintenance”,then select ”Parameter,programming”

Click “Start”


After enter the “Parameters,Programming” menu,then click “Play” button

And make sure both conditions met,and click diag-box


Select “Group View” menu after control units data reading


Select “Engine Speed Limit”

And select “DXM enable engine speed limit when PTO active (PTO0)”

Next click “Value” to change “OFF” to “ON”


Select “DWN Engine speed limit when PTO acti ve”

Here change 1200rpm to 1000rpm


So after DXM on and DWN change to 1000rpm

When PTO is actived,and we fully step on the accelerator pedal,the engine rpm will be limited to only 1000 rpm.

Click “Continue”

Now here we will see the value we changed before steps

Then click “Program”


Now click “Stop” button and then exit.

All things done.

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