VF2 Flasher Read/Write Data for BMW 6HP TCU without Removal

In this instruction car-auto-repair.com will show you guide on how to use VF2 Flasher to read or write data for BMW 6HP removal.The tool is able to read and write the full contents of the control unit without the need to open or desmantle it.



Connect VF2 Flasher to BMW 6HP unit with the cable


Enter menu to select “ECUs”–>”Bench”–>”Vehicle Engine Model”–>”Car”–”BMW”

After then depend on your BMW 6HP TCU model to select “2.0l Bosch…”

Press “Select”


Identification in progress

VF2-Flasher-ReadWrite-Data-for-BMW-6HP-TCU-without-Removal-3 VF2-Flasher-ReadWrite-Data-for-BMW-6HP-TCU-without-Removal-4


After identification success,now perform reading

VF2-Flasher-ReadWrite-Data-for-BMW-6HP-TCU-without-Removal-5 VF2-Flasher-ReadWrite-Data-for-BMW-6HP-TCU-without-Removal-6


Checksum in progress


After reading success,you now just save the file on the VF2 Flasher programmer.

And you can modify the data,then write it back.

VF2-Flasher-ReadWrite-Data-for-BMW-6HP-TCU-without-Removal-8 VF2-Flasher-ReadWrite-Data-for-BMW-6HP-TCU-without-Removal-9


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