UPA Programmer & NYO 4.0 Change Mileage for Renault ESPACE HC908AZ60

This instruction show you guide on how to use UPA programmer and NYO 4.0 2017 software change mileage for Renault ESPACE Motorola HC908AZ60.



UPA USB Programmer V1.3 Software Free Download

How to Install UPA USB Programmer V1.3 Software on Win XP/7

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UPA Programmer Scripts Download



Build connection between Motorola HC908AZ60 and UPA programmer


Run UPA Programmer software click “New programming”


Select “Motorola MCU”–>”HC08”–>”MC68HC908AZ60”

UPA-Programmer-NYO-4.0-Change-Mileage-for-Renault-ESPACE-3 UPA-Programmer-NYO-4.0-Change-Mileage-for-Renault-ESPACE-4


Select Baud “7200”,Auto Baud Rate

Click “Read”


Then save the file on your PC

After then load the file you saved just now and open it with NYO 4.0 2017 to change mileage you want.


Back to UPA software to select “Motorola MCU”–>”HC08”–>”MC68HC908AZ60”–>”Program” to program the new file back to HC908AZ60


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