Porsche Cayenne 2013 Brake Pad Matching After Replacement By Launch X431

It known to specialist technicians that brake pads programmed is a essential progress after replacement,especially for luxury cars.So this article talk about the topic of how to match brake pad for Porsche Cayenne 2011 after brake pads replacement.


Here we choice Launch X431 Pro to achieve brake pads programmed,it is a powerful diagnostic tool.


Procedures of X431 match brake pads:

Step 1: Select “Porsche V21.80”

Note:The software can diagnose partial systems of Porsche:911,GT2(996),GT3(996),Boxster,Cayenne,Cayman,Carrera GT,Panamera,Macan.

Select “Special Function”

Select “Brake Pad Change”

Pay more attention to vehicle identification information

On-screen show:

Vehicle identification number:WP1AB2A20DLA43425


Vehicle:Cayenne(As of 2011)

Step 2:Select “Maintenance index”

Pay more attention to maintenance index information:

Procedure of replacement replacement the brake pad:

1. Perform the function “Put the hand brake pad to the installation position(remarks:DTC exist after the function is performed:parking brake not calibrated)

2. Replace the hand brake pad.

3. Perform the function ‘ Check basic setting of parking-brake’.If the clearance is out of the range,adjust the clearance.


Procedure for adjusting the clearance:

  • Disassemble two rear wheels.
  • Disassemble the adjustment hole bolt on the brake disc.
  • Use the straight screwdriver to put in the adjustment hole to adjust the idler wheel from inside to outside to narrow the clearance.The clearance becomes larger if you adjust the idler wheel from outside to inside.The standard clearance is 1.9mm-2.4mm.

4. Perform the function ‘hand brake pad Grinding-in’.(Do not need to perform this function if the brake disc is ceramic.Perform this function if the brake disc is steel)

5. Perform the function ‘hand brake pad calibration’.

6. If the procedure fails to be performed,perform the hand brake pad Grinding-in and calibration functions again(If the fault lamp still on,please Check basic setting of parking-brake)

Select “Special Function”

Select hand brake pad to installation position

After confirmed,it indicates succeeded.

After installed a new brake pad,check the basic settings of the parking brake

The actuator will complete a process from the application to the release.

The standard gap of Cayenne(2011-) is 1.9mm-2.4mm.If the gap is outside the range,please manually adjust it.

Check the basic settings of the parking brake

Select “Grinding in” to run in the steel made brake shoe

Step 3:This function requires the drive test and repeats eight times with one person driving and another person operating the software.And follow the software prompt.

Bring vehicle to standstill

It will take 12s,please wait patiently.

Bring vehicle to standstill,it will take 8s.

It will start grinding processes 7,taking 12s.

The grinding processes will repeat 7 times,pay more attention to the tips.

After repeat 7 times

Writing the grinding-in state into the control unit.

Eight times grinding-ins was successfully completed the Calibrate function can be carried out.

Step 4:Select “Calibration”

The cablibration conditions have been fulfilled the software operation of the brake pad replacement service is completed.

After replaced the brake pad the Grinding in must be carried out.


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