MF Differential Pressure Sensor Learning by Hitachi MPDr

Here show you guide on how to use Hitachi MPDr diagnostic software to to MF differential pressure sensor learning.



Hitachi MPDr v2.56 v2.25 Diagnostic Software Free Download



Zero-point calibration of the muffler filter differential pressure sensor can be done.
When the following repair or check is done, perform zeropoint calibration of the differential pressure sensor.
• After changing the differential pressure sensor
• After replacing the ECM
• After re-writing the ECM software


1.Click the [[D] MF Differential Pressure Learning] button.


2.By following the procedure displayed on the monitor screen, click [Start Learning] button.


3.When learning is completed normally, “”OK”” (Pass) is displayed as illustrated below.


4.When learning is not normally completed, “”NG”” (Failed) is displayed as illustrated below.
If “NG” (Failed) is displayed, repeat the learning procedure until the “OK” (Passed) is displayed.
If “NG” (Failed) is displayed continuously, the ECM may be damaged.


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