Linde X1252 Forklift Truck Steering Axle Removal and Installation Guide

This illustration show you guide on how to remove and install steering axle for Linde X1252 forklift trucks.



2023 Linde Service Guide LSG 5.2.2 U0278 and 5.1.2 Free Download





Loosen the wheel nuts on both wheels.

Jack up the truck at the rear and support it securely.

Remove the rear wheels.

Position an oil pan underneath.

Unscrew the oil lines on both sides of the steering cylinder.

Support the steering axle (1) .

Unscrew the mounting screws (4) .

Remove the joining plate (3) .

Unscrew the screw (5) and remove the cable shoe (6) from the joining plate (3) .

Slowly lower the steering axle (1) using the rubber buffer (2) .



Fit two rubber buffers (2) on the axle beam.


If the rubber buffers are not symmetrical, use a wider crosspiece at the top.

Insert the steering axle (1) into the counterweight from below; raise slightly until the rubber buffer (2) is resting on the counterweight and then support the steering axle.

Mount the cable shoe (6) on the joining plate (3) using a screw (5) .

Connect the joining plate (3) and rubber buffer (2) using the screw (4) .

Connect the bearing shell (8) and rubber buffer (2) using a screw (4) and washer (7) .

Tighten the screws (4) to 195 Nm .

Screw the oil lines onto both sides of the steering cylinder.

Bleed the steering by turning the steering wheel from stop to stop approximately 10 times.

Mount the wheels.

Lower the truck.

Tighten wheel nuts in a criss-cross pattern to 425 Nm.

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