Kobelco ISUZU 4JJ1 2015 Valve Stem Oil Seal and Spring Removal

This instruction show you guide on how to remove valve stem oil seal and valve spring for Kobelco machine with ISUZU 4JJ1 Tier 4 XASK-01 engine.


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1Battery Ground Cable Disconnect

Disconnect the battery ground cable from the battery.

Caution: Do not disconnect the battery cable for 3 minutes after turning OFF the ignition switch.


2Fuel Hose Removal

Remove the cover from the cylinder head cover.


Remove the harness connector from the injector.

Remove the nozzle leak off pipe from the injector.


Caution: Do not reuse the leak-off pipe clip.



3.Cylinder Head Cover Removal

Disconnect the PCV hose from the cylinder head cover.

Disconnect the oil separator hose from the cylinder head cover.

Note:Disconnect the PCV hose or oil separator hose.

Remove the oil filler pipe from the cylinder head cover.

Note:The specifications of equipment vary depending on the machine.


Remove the cylinder head cover from the cylinder head.

Caution:Take care not to damage the lip section of the oil seal with the injector connector.



4Injection Pipe Removal

Remove the clip from the injection pipe.

Remove the injection pipe from the injector and the common rail assembly.

Caution: Do not reuse the injection pipe.



5Injector Removal

Remove the injector from the cylinder head assembly.

Remove the injector gasket from the injector.

Remove the O-ring from the injector.

Caution: Do not reuse the clip, injector gasket, or O-ring.


Caution:The injector ID code identifies the injectors.

Caution:Do not remove the injector ID codes from the injectors.

Caution:Absolutely never touch the injector solenoids because that can hinder their performance or cause damage.

Caution: Store the removed injector with the cylinder number on it.

Caution: When the injector has been replaced, erase the ID code of the replaced cylinder number on the injector ID code label using a black pen, etc.



6Baffle Plate Removal

Remove the baffle plate from the cylinder head.



7Camshaftbracket Removal

Remove the camshaft brackets from the cylinder head.



8Valve Stem End Cap Removal

Remove the valve stem end cap from the bulb.


9Split Collar Removal

Remove the split collar from the valve using special tool.

Note: Using a valve spring compressor adapter and valve spring compressor, compress the valve spring and remove the split collar.



10Spring Seat Removal

Remove the spring seat from the valve spring using special tool.

Note: Remove the upper spring seat.


11Valve Spring Removal

Remove the valve spring from the cylinder head.

Note: Organize the removed valve springs in the order of the cylinder number.


12Valve Stem Oil Seal Removal

Remove the valve stem oil seal from the cylinder head using pliers.


Caution: Do not reuse the removed oil seal.

2Remove the spring seat from the cylinder head.

Note: Remove the spring lower seat.

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