How to Use Xentry Flight Recorder to Download ECU Data for FUSO

This instruction show you guide on how to use Xentry Flight Recorder function to download engine and ECU data csv file from FUSO trucks.


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To operate this function, select 013 Flight recorder and click “Continue”.
Then, Engine ECU and vehicle data will be converted to csv file format and downloaded it from
engine ECU to your Laptop.
This function does not record with voice and communication.

1 In case of FD software FDS-R14 series
・ Choice the tab “Actuations” and “013 Flight recorder”
・ Press the “Continue” button.


2 In case of FD software FD09/2016, over FD03/2017
Select the tab “Special functions”.


Choose the icon “Flight recorder”


Choose the icon “diagnosis”.


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