JCB Equipment K4716 Intake Pressure Sensor Signal is not Plausible Repair

This instruction show you guide on how to repair JCB equipment K4716 trouble code:Intake pressure sensor signal is not plausible.More repair case for JCB,please refer to:JCB Trouble Repair

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The EEM monitoring system has detected that the intake pressure sensor value is implausible.

Possible causes are:

The boost air piping is leaking.

The EGR pipe is leaking.

The boost pressure sensor is blocked.


Reaction in EEM

The FC is stored and the warning lamp is activated. Engine power will be reduced (Degradation Level 2). The CAN message indicates active fault.



First save the error log and then erase it. Restart the ECU after erasing the error log. If the fault occurs again during the next driving cycle, check the following paths:

Check the boost air system tightness (piping, intercooler).

Check the turbo waste gate flap and the condition of the actuator. The actuator should move in the ECU initialization.

Check the condition of the turbo charger.

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