2021 Iveco EASY 16/13.1+KeyGen Software Free Download

What is Iveco EASY?

Iveco Easy is short called of Iveco Electronic Advanced System,it is designed for diagnostics, programming and configuration of trucks buses sold under the brands Iveco, Daewoo, TATA and IRISBUS.Iveco Easy allow you to access various electronic control units on the vehicle,view functions and make diagnostic procedures clear and adaptable to various needs.

2021 IVECO EASY Astra and Bus v16.1


Iveco EASY Function List:

Reading the DTC, its description and removal.
Conduct special tests actuators.
Read and display the parameters of electronic control units and a variety of sensors.
ECU programming and configuration data.
Diagnostic electronics at all levels.


Iveco EASY Support Languages:

Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Croatian, Greek, Russian, Korean


Iveco EASY 11.1.5 Free Download:



Iveco EASY 16 100% Work Solution:

2021 IVECO EASY Astra and Bus v16.1 100% Work


Note:For pass-tru Iveco Diagnose and program you need to enter site IVECO TECH Register and download special application for not dealer. Read whole manual there is information which interface is recommended (MVCI). I try with my CanTieCar but sometimes i loose conection.
Iveco allow only to diagnose and program cars that are in warranty!!!! Very important!
First u have to be online, interface read VIN, check that car is in warranty and if he is then you can make magic.Off course you have to pay for it but … nothing free those days.





How to Install Iveco Easy 11.1.5?

1) : Install BUS DVD
DVD (X)\easy\setup\easy\setup.exe
2) : Run Keygen1.exe
a) Click: Read Current and OK
b) Click: Generate New and OK
3) : Install TRUCK DVD
4):Copy and replace Framework.StationInformationWriter.dll to C:\Program Files\Eltrac\EASY\Bin\EasyNET
5) : Open E.a.sy on desktop and close.
6) : Run Keygen2.exe
a) Set Expiration Date
b) Set ECI Number. EXSAMPLE: EC-01009-04-05-04
c) Click: All
d) Click: Get
e) Create new ECIs.txt file and wrote in ur ECI Number. EXSAMPLE: EC-01009-04-05-04
f) Re-name: easy_all.txt to actCodes.txt
g) Copy actCodes.txt + ECIs.txt to Windows XP & Windows 7: C:\Program Files\Eltrac\EASY\Db\Perms
h) Copy files and folder (pSets, pSetsNet, rSets, rSetsNet, actCodes.txt, ACIs.txt) replace to Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Iveco\Easy\Perms Windows 7: C:\ProgramDATA\Iveco\Easy\Perms

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