ISUZU N-Series Fuel Injector Flow Rate Programming by IDSS

When replacing the injector,it is necessary to register the ID code printed on the upper part of the injector with handheld tester in the engine ECU.So here i will show you guide on how to use IDSS software to do fuel injector flow rate programming after replacement.


Note:If the ID code of the newly installed injector is not properly registered,rough idling,abnormal noise,or other symptoms may occur.



2023 2019 Isuzu G-IDSS Export Diagnostic Software Free Download



Connect Nexiq interface to ISUZU diagnostic port,then run IDSS software.

After vehicle identification,select “Control Programming”–>”Engine Control Module Programming”–>”Inject Flow Rates”


Select which injectors you have replaced,then click “Next”


Click each of the tabs below and enter injector Flow values.You must enter injector flow values for all injectors before pressing “Reprogram Injector Flow Rates”,or press Back to cancel


Click on a cell in the grid to the left to edit.

Characters can only be 0-9 and A-F.


When finish injector 1-injector 4,click “Reprogram injector Flow Rates”


Turn off the ignition and press “Next” to complete the programming process.


Turn ON the ignition and press “Next” to complete the programming process.


Programming Complete!


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