How to Use OPCOM Clear Airbag Deployment Record

Some SDM Airbag modules allow clearance of the deployment record without replacing the SDM module.Here i want to share the guide on how to use OPCOM to clear airbag deployment record.

How to Use OPCOM Clear Airbag Deployment Record


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Astra-H / Zafira-B

  • Choose SDM Airbag
  • Read faultcodes
  • Choose Programming
  • Choose Clear deployment record
  • Select parameters from dropdownlist
  • Choose Start activation
  • Close communication with SDM Airbag module and disconnect the interfacefrom car
  • Lock the car using the remote
  • Wait at least 15 seconds
  • Unlock the car using the remote
  • Reconnect to the SDM Airbag module
  • Clear faultcodes from SDM Airbag module
  • The interior light will stay on now
  • Disconnect negative terminal from battery
  • Wait at least one minute
  • Reconnect the negative terminal to battery
  • Interior light will work fine now
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