OPCOM VAXU-COM Airbag Coding Guide for Opel

The new airbag control ECU is not configured. When a new airbag ECU is fitted to a car, it must be configured in order to work properly. OP-COM currently supports the coding of SAB6, and SAB8 airbag control units.This article from car-auto-repair.com is about OPCOM VAXU-COM Airbag Coding Guide for Opel.


What You Need?

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Since the airbag is part of the vehicle safety system, always follow the on-screen instruction.

Please, always read the repair manual of the car, and strictly follow all the given procedures!

Important: The airbag ECU can be coded only once, when it is new. After the first successful configuration, the configuration cannot be altered, or changed!


In this example, I’ll show you the airbag coding of a SAB6 ECU, on a MY99 Astra-G.


When you select an airbag (SAB6, or SAB8 system), the following window will appear:

Please, first click on the [Fault Codes] button, to see the list of the fault codes

You can see from the Fault Code list, that the Airbag ECU needs to be programmed.


Please click on the [Back] button, and then click on the [Programming] button, to go to the programming menu. Depending on your selection, the following windows will be shown:


When you selected the proper configuration, please click on the [Perform Coding] button, to perform the programming of the Airbag ECU.

If the programming was successful, you will see the following message box:

If the programming failed, you will see the following message box:

If something went wrong with the communication during programming, you will see the following message box:

When the programming has been completed, please clear the fault codes, and close the
communication with the Airbag ECU. The airbag lamp should goes out, and must stay OFF, if
the programming was successfully, and there is no fault in the airbag system. If the airbag
lamp goes OFF, and then goes ON immediately, there must be some problem with the airbag
system. Please read out the fault codes, and correct the problem.


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