How to Use Cat ET 2023A Diagnostic Software Program ECM

Caterpillar Electronic Technician service tool allow you to perform ECMs programming for new or used ECMs. All ECMs connected to the service tool will display in the ECM Information area.


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To program an ECM:

Click the Browse button. The File Selection dialog box is displayed.

Note: If the Search button is clicked, the location set in the CBT tab of the Preferences dialog box will be accessed.


Select the desired file and click Open. The WinFlash screen is displayed, and ECM/File information is populated with information from the flash file.


Click the Begin Flash button. If more than one ECM has been selected for flashing, the Flashing Order confirmation dialog box is displayed (see below). This allows users to determine the order in which the ECMs will be flashed.

How to Use Cat ET 2023A Diagnostic Software Program ECM

Click OK to continue the flashing process.

The Flashing screen is displayed and the flash process will begin. This process may be canceled at any time for one ECM by clicking the Cancel button or for all ECMs by clicking the Cancel All button.

When the flash process completes, a dialog displays that allows a return to the CAT ET 2023A service tool, a return to WinFlash, or an exit from the service tool.


Note: If problems occur during programming, a status dialog box displays after programming is complete. This dialog box provides a list of the ECM(s) that could not be flashed as well as the cause of the error(s).


Possible Dialog Boxes

Successfully Completed – If all checked ECMs were successfully programmed, the “Flash Completed Successfully” dialog box is displayed.

Flash Error – If multiple ECMs are being programmed and one ECM does not program correctly while all other ECMs were successfully programmed, the “Flash Error” dialog box is displayed.

Aborted – If Cancel is clicked while the ECM is being programmed, the “Flash Aborted” dialog box is displayed:

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