How to Update MB SDconnect Firmware

This article show a guide on how to update MB SDconnect firmware,it can not only apply for original and Chinese SDconnect clone version.


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How to Configure MB SDconnect WLAN Router


Update your SDconnect firmware

Locate the SDconnect Toolkit folder and make a backup for “update_special_a” folder

Note:Before you start update you SDconnect firmware,you need to exit SDconnect software

Here “update_manual” folder is my backup folder for “update_special_a”

Run SDnetControl,select “Configuration”–>”MUX”–>”Software update”

Click “Start”

Note:If it prompt you “SDconnect battery voltage too low (645)”,because it must be around 14 volts,and you must connect the battery charger and one more thing,the 6AA batteries must be installed as wll.

Then update25_Boot…

Then update25_SC…

Like this your SDconnect will update with no worry

Even if its Chinese clone version

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