How to Solve Scania Truck Alarm System ALM259 Short Circuit

Here is the instruction show you guide on how to solve Scania truck alarm system ALM259 Secondary wake-up signal,short circuit.

Scania Truck

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Secondary wake-up signal, short circuit

Error identification

The secondary wake-up signal is short-circuited to ground.



Faulty cable harness for the secondary wake-up signal.

Faulty ALM control unit E7.



The control unit cannot wake up or be woken up by units connected in the CAN network.



Disconnect the harness-to-component connector to ALM control unit pin A3.

Measure for short circuits throughout the cable harness.

If there are several harness-to-component connectors between the wake-up signal and the control unit, disconnect them and measure to locate the fault.

If the fault is not in the cable harness it is probably an internal fault in the ALM control unit.


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