How to Solve HINO J05E Engine P0027 Exhaust Brake Performance Error

This instructions show you guide on how to solve HINO J05E engine 2018 P0027 exhaust brake performance error.


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Description of Malfunction:

1)The engine ECU detected sticking of the exhaust brake valve.

1) DTC Detection Condition:

  1. a) DPR regeneration is in process.
  2. b) The vehicle speed is 0 km/h.
  3. c) The time of 60 seconds has elapsed after the exhaust brake was actuated.


DTC Set Condition:

2) Judgement Criteria:

while the exhaust brake is working and the air flow when the exhaust brake is not actuated is -50 mg/cyl or more.

  1. a) The difference between the fuel injection quantity while the exhaust brake is working and the fuel injection quantity when the exhaust brake is not actuated is 5 mm3/st or less. And also, the difference between the air flow


Reset Condition:

1) Immediately after normal status is resumed

Indication, Warning or System Control Regulation When The DTC Is Set:

1) MIL: ON

2) SVS light: OFF

Symptoms On The Vehicle The DTC Is Set:

1) Symptoms On The Vehicle Due To Backup Control (Fail Safe Function):

  1. a) None

2) Symptoms On The Vehicle Due To Malfunction:

  1. a) The exhaust brake does not work.
  2. b) DPR regeneration is not terminated successfully.


Pre-Inspection Work:

1) Check that the battery voltage is in the normal range.


After-Inspection Work:

1) Clear all past DTCs.

2) Check that no DTC is detected after test drive.


Possible Causes:

1) Abnormality in characteristics of air flow meter

2) Diesel throttle (intake throttle valve) sticking

3) Bend, clogging, and crack of piping and hose

4) Improper adjustment of exhaust brake valve

5) Malfunction of exhaust brake valve


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