How to Replace Wet Brakes for Yale G807 ERP18VT Forklift

The wet brake discs can be replaced after the warranty period.This instruction show you guide on how to replace wet brakes for Yale G807 ERP18VT forklift trucks. More repair case for Yale truck forklift,please refer to:YALE Forklift Trouble Repair.



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DO NOT remove the cover from the transaxle housing during the warranty period. Removing the cover from the housing will void the transaxle warranty.



The transaxle is heavy and can be difficult to stabilize when positioned with the studs down. Securely support the transaxle in a stable position during these procedures.

1.Remove transaxle from lift truck. Remove parking brake and traction motor from transaxle.

2.Drain fluid from transaxle.

3.Remove cover from transaxle.



Always replace the full set of inner and outer splined brake discs.

NOTE: Make note of the orientation of the brake discs during removal.

4.Remove 4 brake discs (outer spline) and 3 brake discs (inner spline) from transaxle by hand. Remove pressure plate from transaxle by hand.

NOTE: New pressure plate thicknesses are 4.8 mm (0.19 in.), 5.3 mm (0.20 in.), and 5.8 mm (0.23 in.).

5.Measure thickness of old pressure plate. Select new pressure plate with next highest thickness.

6.Install the pressure plate into transaxle housing by hand.

7.Soak new brake discs in clean transaxle fluid before installing.

8.Install a brake disc (external spline) against pressure plate in transaxle.



Brake discs with internal splines should be installed in the transaxle housing so that the rounded off side of teeth point upward.

9.Install a brake disc (internal spline) against brake disc (external spline) with rounded off side of teeth pointing upward.

10.Install remainder of brake discs alternating between internal and external splined discs. The disc pack should have a total of 1 pressure plate,4 brake discs (external spline) and 3 brake discs (internal spline).

11.Align splines of internal discs using a screwdriver.

12.Install cover to transaxle. Refer to section Installing the Cover.

13.Install traction motor and brake on transaxle. Install transaxle on lift truck.


Make certain to use the proper magnetic plug for the drain plug. The drain plug is not interchangeable with the fill and check plugs.
14.Fill transaxle with fluid to proper level:
a. Install drain plug with new sealing ring and tighten to 22 N•m (192 lbf in).
NOTE: Each transaxle requires approximately 0.60 liter (0.63 qt) of transmission fluid


b.Fill transaxle until fluid begins to emerge from check hole.
c.Install check and fill plugs with new sealing rings and tighten to 22 N•m (192 lbf in).
15.Connect battery connectors, turn key switch to ON position, and test lift truck for proper operation.

How to Replace Wet Brakes for Yale G807 ERP18VT Forklift

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